Enhancing Customer Engagement through Journey Optimization for a File Sync & Share Provider

Our client is a leader in the field of file synchronization and sharing, offering a wide range of productivity solutions for both business and individual users.


In preparation for expanding into a higher market tier with a new suite of transformative products, our client encountered several obstacles. Despite having insights into customer acquisition journeys across different segments and products, there was a lack of a unified source of truth, understanding of customer value, and a common language across post-trial and post-purchase customer lifecycles.

To enhance customer engagement, it was essential to bridge these gaps and dismantle the silos between sales, operations, client relations, and technology teams.

Stefto has been chosen as the client’s strategic partner for optimizing customer journeys. Our role involves documenting and aligning key customer experiences and outcomes, defining post-acquisition journey stages, and establishing a unified framework across personas and journeys to guide future go-to-market strategies.

Our Solution

Our team at Stefto was chosen as the client’s partner for optimizing the customer journey, with the goal of documenting and aligning key customer experiences and outcomes. Our approach included defining the stages of post-acquisition journeys and establishing a common framework across personas and journeys to guide future go-to-market opportunities.

To address this challenge, we developed and implemented a comprehensive solution:

  • Creating frameworks for personas and customer lifecycles
  • Designing architecture and taxonomy for personas and customer journey mapping
  • Developing persona profiles
  • Crafting customer journey maps

We utilized our proprietary customer journey optimization methodology, which combines the voice of the customer with business objectives to create actionable solutions.

Next, we conducted an in-depth audit of the client’s existing research, processes, and materials, blending their expertise with our human-centric approach. Through a collaborative in-person workshop with cross-functional teams, we co-developed frameworks for journeys and personas, ensuring alignment among the client’s teams.

Following the workshop sessions, we conducted executive and stakeholder readouts to secure approval and ensure organizational alignment for implementing our recommendations.


As a result of our customer journey optimization efforts, the newly introduced frameworks have been embraced by eight teams with executive-level support. These frameworks have led to improved cross-functional alignment and have successfully broken down silos, ultimately driving increased customer-centricity within the organization.

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