Customer Stories

Ankita Mishra

A software engineer at an MNC. She had a very bad history of credit card payments. After talking to the Stefto agent, she shared positive feedback with her bank.

Customer’s Words

was very depressed for a long time due to my debt. I was getting annoying calls for collections. Many times, people threatened me, but no one was willing to give me any solution. I really wanted to pay the amount and foreclose my loan. However, every time I got the call for collection, they only asked me to pay the interest and never informed me how I could get this closed.

Then one day, I had received a call from Anjali, who said she had called on behalf of my bank. I was furious at that time. I literally shouted at her, but she listened to me very patiently & understood my problem. She told me she had to contact her supervisor.

She again called me in the evening with a resolution and provided me with the link to clear the payment. I was really amazed by the kind of experience I got with that conversation. I recommend her and her supervisor and suggest this is the way one should resolve customer’s debt issues.

Sumit Yadav

A businessman who was defaulting on his home loan EMIs often had to pay late payment charges. Due to this, he felt very much harassed. A conversation with Stefto’s agent changed the customer’s overall experience & he became a promoter to the bank.

Customer’s Words

I was really frustrated due to the charges which I had to pay every month for my home loan along with the EMI. I tried to contact the bank for the same too many times but did not get any resolution, but one day I got the call from a gentleman named Vishal. He called me for my pending EMI. I busted on him, but he was very calm with me and understood my problem. He helped me get the payment done and provided the solution by registering my bank account for auto-debit for the EMI.

This was an excellent experience for me; I would say every bank should have these kinds of representatives who are focused on providing the best customer experience instead of just focussing on their targets.

**Please note that customer names have been changed to protect their privacy. **