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Running a business is no doubt exhausting and overwhelming. There are plenty of tasks to juggle. It may often feel like you are spending more time and resources on the admin tasks, with no time left to focus on your core business practices. Acaasa is here to offer you an efficient and seamless way to manage those crucial day-to-day business tasks.

What we do

Rethinking back-office operations by leveraging the power of digitisation and technology to deliver sustainable growth.

We help businesses rewire their back-office operations. We empower your back-office operations to drive your business growth. Back-office operations may seem like never-ending administrative tasks. But when implemented right, they can help in accelerating your business growth. We help our clients handle back-office operations holistically with sales, customer service and marketing to provide a unified and enhanced customer experience.

Our unique power of machines + human intelligence approach helps you grow your business and race ahead of competitions with a seamless back-office operation.

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Back-Office Services Tailored to Suit Your

Specific Business Needs

At Stefto, we handle your back-office tasks so that you can focus and concentrate on your core business practices. We provide you with crucial support whenever and wherever you need it while ensuring that we fully comply with your internal and external guidelines. We can provide you with a complete back-office support package or handle selected few elements as per your needs.

Why outsource back-office services?

Back-office tasks refer to the daily activities that are the backbone of your business. These functions have to be carried out seamlessly to ensure the success of your business. Back-office refers to non-core tasks that are not customer-facing operations. While these operations are not core tasks, they are no less important than your core business practices.


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