Case Studies

Drive Sustainable Growth

A reputed financial company was struggling with debt collection during the moratorium due to RBI regulation in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Contacting defaulters is always a big challenge. Stefto has a banking client for whom we have handled debt recovery for 5+ years. This has led to an increased percentage of non-contactable defaulters.

Is your business one of the many vendors selling different flavours of the same product (or in a niche with tons of competitors)?

B2B sales can also benefit from those – but the marketing strategies are focused on inbound generation and sales calls instead. You can hire someone in-house who handles all international deals.

In-Depth Analysis: How Enhanced IVR Systems Revolutionized Customer Service for a Leading Utility Provider

For over 18 years, Stefto has proudly partnered with an esteemed electric utility provider.