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Digital Sales Support Services for

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C)

We blend the power of digital technologies with human expertise to maximise sales revenues and grow your business.

Stefto specialises in maximising the potential of each sales lead. We use intelligent analysis and decision-making tools to provide customised sales offers that are tailored for each customer’s profile. We transform customer conversions into sales-opportunities and explore previously untapped routes to generate revenue for your business.

We offer a unique blend of powerful technology and human expertise to deliver high-calibre sales support services to your internal sales team. We optimise customer data using modern analytics engine tools to reach out to the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Our data-driven sales analysis tools will ensure that you maximise sales and race ahead of your competition.

Closing a sale via telephone is a science and art. Acaasa has a proven track record in various markets to help organisations across industries achieve their sales goals. Our work is carried out using proven strategies like BANT to deliver both on the quality and quantity fronts.

Our sales support services empower your sales team with timely information, key statistics and the right tools to increase and optimise sales. We align our services to match your objectives and empower your sales process from lead generation to handling orders and sealing the deal.

Our Offerings

We offer a wide range of advanced sales support services to help your business grow, increase sales volumes and reach your sales objectives. Our services include:

Sales Funnel Management

Our sales support services include funnel management solutions to provide you with a clear picture of available opportunities. This gives your sales team the right insights to close deals and increase revenues. We use the most efficient and sophisticated CRM tools to track leads and opportunities at various stages of the sales cycle to convert them into final sales.

Sales Team Management

At Stefto, we can take over your entire sales department or train and recruit an in-house sales team for your organisation. When we train your sales team, we monitor their performance continuously to instil processes that drive efficiency and deliver results. With us, you get a sales team that is aligned and motivated to deliver better. We can also handle other sales-related areas like sales reporting, lead generation, funnel management, sales closure reports and more.

Sales Closures

Closing a sale is both science and art. They have to blend perfectly to deliver increased revenues. We use powerful sales strategies like personalised offers, consistent follow-up, non-intrusive calling, diligent processes to drive your sales revenues. We can work independently or in collaboration with your internal sales team to deliver tangible results.

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