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About Stefto

Today’s financial service companies have to deal with a rapidly changing disrupted market. The financial world is evolving quickly with new technology and customer demands and expectations are incredibly high. Financial service companies have to face several obstacles, including compliance, cost and customer retention. Stefto provides cutting-edge industry-focussed knowledge processing services to not only help you survive but thrive exceptionally. We blend state-of-the-art digital solutions with human expertise to drive impactful business outcomes.

Digitalization, when implemented expertly, is your biggest asset to drive productivity and unprecedented business growth.

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 At Stefto, we help your business connect with your customers more effectively and efficiently. By augmenting cutting-edge technology with human intelligence, we deliver business outcomes that make you a leader in your domain.

With 16 years of experience in the industry, Stefto is an industry leader in knowledge process outsourcing for top financial institutions in India and across the world. Our high customer satisfaction, client retention and repetition rates testify to the impeccable trust our clients’ place in us. We proudly state that we are your trusted partners in delivering the best outcomes in a fully digitalized world with financial industry-focussed knowledge processing services.


Testimonials From Employees

Testimonials From Employees

They Say About How We Work



Stefto is one of the best and top companies in the BPO sector which is most helpful for their employees the management and working skills are best careful to their company.​

Good management, good work atmosphere, and attractive monthly incentives as per your performance. Stefto knows its employees and their needs and how to keep them enthusiastic at work.



I Believe Stefto is the best for a newcomer, will get to learn more about the product and language, good environment to work in, and all the TL and HR are helpful to us.​



Experience completely depends on the team you are working with. Good projects with a lot to learn, Multiple free training and certification are available for employees, with good benefits.​


Testimonials From Clients

What our client say about Stefto

It has been a great experience and continuous journey with the Stefto Team. The organisation has strong leadership in delivery and managing the businesses very effectively. What sets them apart is their vested interest in understanding the nuances of the business and the culture of the organization. This enables them to partner with the many Banks /NBFCs and Fintechs. They are also a new age firm with a young and hungry team which goes the extra mile to help you get the targets delivered.
Stefto has been instrumental in building the business at ZEST right from any stage of its growth and into any vertical. Their understanding of our product has helped us in achieving the goals with technical logics. They have also helped us in late stage collections and continue to partner of preference with us as we scale up.
(Vice President) - Zestmoney
Stefto knows how to run any project aggressively for Banks/NBFCs needs and really understands the process delivery in terms of debt collection and recovery. They are also very helpful with competitive intelligence along with technology.


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